Land Management Solutions in a Data Driven World

Instinct is setting out to bring data to previously untapped markets to improve land/natural resource management and help fight climate change.

What We’re Working On

Active wildfire detection and prescribed burning (for timber industry fuel management) are key to the long term health of our forests and planet.

Live Soil Health Monitoring can improve outputs for the forestry, agricultural and viticultural industries while reducing waste of water and other inputs.

Wildlife Surveying is currently largely done by hand. Our technology can automate these operations while increasing survey effectiveness.

US Wildfire Statistics 2020

13.7 M

Acres Burned


Fire Suppression


Structures Destroyed

Between 1970s and 2000s: Over 6x increase in frequency and 12x increase in acres burned

Why we’re doing this

Instinct was founded by a pair of outdoorsmen, engineers and entrepreneurs who wanted to use their skills to protect the world we all share.

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