Modernizing the Protection and Management of Natural Resources
Instinct's environmental telemetry platform is the one-stop-shop for all environmental data needs for natural resource management industries.

Launched in April 2024, our automated acoustic wildlife surveying device, the ASU, is the first-of-its-kind on the market.
Natural resource management industries lack timely, accurate data on the ground in forests and agricultural settings
Climate and weather are becoming more volatile than ever before.
The success of forest management operations depends on environmental conditions, which are no longer consistent. Some operations, like logging and controlled burning, create wildfire risk.
Environmental data is largely collected by hand in ways that are time, labor and capital-intensive and provide data that isn’t real-time and is of questionable accuracy and precision.
Forest Management
Real-time data on environmental conditions including air and soil help optimize forest management operations from logging to reforestation.
Fuel Treatment
Know when site-specific conditions are perfect to carry out fuel treatment. Get peace-of-mind with 24/7 monitoring for all your burn sites, before, during and after operations.
Wildfire Detection
Sensors can detect wildfires within minutes of ignition, and monitor controlled or prescribed burns, fire lines and perimeters, and more.
Reduce waste and increase yield by knowing exactly what inputs are needed, when and where.
Wildlife Surveying
Instinct Automated Surveying Unit (ASU)
Our novel acoustic monitoring device fully automates wildlife surveying, listening for over 75 species of interest, processing the data and providing timely notification no matter how remote the survey site may be.
Instinct is founded and built by outdoorspeople who are passionate about using their skills to better protect the environment.