Fields of Application

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Wildfire Detection

The sheer vastness of a forest presents a major challenge to accurately detect a fire. We use ground-based Sensors, Satellite data and AI to monitor the environment and detect fire early when they are still small and easy to extinguish.

Wildlife Tracking

Monitoring wildlife gives us a better understanding of the presence, distribution and status of animals in a region. Whether monitoring for species conservation in an environment or tracking a specific animal or looking out for illegal poaching or human disturbance, the data collected through wildlife monitoring can be analyzed  in variety of ways and can be used by scientists, ecologists and land managers to support conservative efforts.

Forestry Management

Keeping a check on forest health is key to forest management. Our system will provide real-time information on soil, vegetation and tree conditions while monitoring fire start, logging and planned burns. This data is analyzed using machine-learning techniques and combined with the climate information to estimate timber yield in the coming year. This is an important part of the overall solution to protecting and sustaining this valuable resource.

Smart Agriculture

Digital farming is the future of agriculture industry. Farming is highly land and labor intensive and using technology helps with increased efficiency and management costs. Data from cutting–edge sensors can help optimizing complex farming. Our system will help farmers to monitor field conditions without going to the field thus making decisions for the whole farm, a small lot or even a single plant and ensure optimal operation of their land.

Air-Quality Monitoring

Monitoring air quality is an important step in maintaining the health of our environment and supporting human health objectives.  Our State-of-the-art sensors measures particulates, gases, pollens, dust and smoke. This data can be used to alert people with asthma or other respiratory conditions, let farmers & ranchers know which days would be better to till their field or warn workers who work outdoors to wear protective equipment.

Power line Monitoring

Power lines are our national asset. Monitoring tower movement, detecting spark & arc, sending tower vibrations and monitoring the swing & sag of the power lines, will help avoid and minimize power outages, prevent fire starts and keep electricity reliable. Augmenting manual asset inspection with data-rich approach can provide advanced situational awareness which can result in better decision making and help prevent disasters.

Livestock Farm Monitoring

Crucial aspect of livestock operations is to monitor and manage animal health and identify issues before they escalate.  Instinct is ready to custom build a cost-effective, accurate, highly reliable and rapid measurement system that can improve efficiency of herd operation, cattle health and activity. The data from precision sensors regarding movement patters and eating habits is analyzed with machine-learning algorithms and combined with behavior maps to help identify and provide real-time alerts to the farmer. Sensor based monitoring is less invasive and makes for smarter farming.

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