Meet our Team

“Where our passion for the outdoors meets with our yearning for a sustainable environment”

Ashwin Datta (he/his) is an environmental engineer and MIT graduate. Born and raised in the state of Oregon, he is passionate about forests and ecology and has extensive knowledge of wildfires. He also has years of experience with software and hardware prototyping. His networking skills have enabled him to forge partnerships with governmental agencies and timber companies. He is passionate about environmental and social justice and using innovative technologies to further such aims.

Trevor Bachand (he/his) is an electrical engineer and graduate of Colorado School of Mines. He has a passion for the outdoors and protecting the places where he spends his time, which is what drew him to Instinct. He brings valuable industry experience working with instrumentation and communication systems. When he isn’t working on Instinct or towards finishing his degree, he spends his free time hiking, climbing and snowboarding.

Timothy Helmer (he/his) is a Master’s Student at Colorado School of Mines studying Electrical Engineering. He loves to whitewater raft, go off-roading, and to ski in the winter. Originating from Alaska, Tim values the protection and health of forests which is why he has joined Instinct. On the side, Tim dabbles in electric vehicle conversions and renewable energy projects.

Gabe Larrabee (he/his) is a computer and software engineer living throughout the mountainous regions of North America. As an avid outdoor enthusiast,  Gabe focuses on creating tools and infrastructure to foster more sustainable interactions between an ever-advancing human society and the natural world. He is a passionate and involved team member seeking to inspire real change in the environmental space.

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