is a venture-backed startup based in Hillsboro, Oregon.  We are a Data company. Data is huge and everything depends on how we manage that data. Here at , we use predictive analytics and machine learning to monitor the environment. We are focused on using data and AI together to find better solutions and help make smart business decisions.

We develop in-house hardware interface and components. Our products are Innovative and fully scalable.  We deploy intelligent sensors and our smart networks continuously measure and monitor a vast array of live conditions. This data is analyzed and transmitted in real-time through our high speed networks and presented in clear, easy to navigate, interfaces and Apps. Our web and mobile applications are efficient, interactive and scalable.

At , our goal is to reduce Cost, mitigate Risk and improve Efficiency. We have a keen mission-driven resolve and our potential customers, more than ever, see the importance of using data in their operations.

Ashwin Datta & Trevor Bachand

Instinct Environmental was founded by a pair of outdoorsmen, engineers and entrepreneurs. With roots in Oregon, a major forestry and agricultural region, as well as Colorado, another wildfire-prone western state, we are passionate about protecting and promoting sound management of natural ecosystems and agriculture.

We are proud to say that we research, develop, assemble and test all of our technological innovations here in the USA.
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